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“Next Generation” Smarter Selling Programme to leading clients in South Africa.
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Short Courses

Workshops are customized to align with:

  • Company culture and context
  • Business unit outcomes
  • Group level and challenges

Leadership Development

Performance Management
Growing people’s potential – the “how to”

Explore tools and skills to grow people’s potential and in so doing build a high performance team. Enabling participants to initiate positive and powerful conversations that align the individual’s aspirations to the company’s performance objectives.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying your individual  leadership strengths and challenges in driving a high performance culture.
  • Create a clear link between how individual efforts and career aspirations relate to organisational and business unit goals.
  • Moving to the specifics – mutual understanding and acceptance of goals and measurement standards.
  • Constructive feedback - acknowledging the positive and gaining agreement on areas for improvement and action plans to achieve desired results.
  • Performance re-direction – how to have the tough discussion when you need to.

Target Audience:
Leaders, managers and supervisors.

Duration: 1 Day

Sales  Effectiveness
Consultative Selling Skills
Growing partnerships, growing profitability

Develop business confidence and competence to build strong partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders in order to retain existing clients, grow new business and ensure service promise delivery.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • How to build trust based partnerships with new and existing clients as the platform to leverage business growth,
  • Is there value in your value proposition – communicating value in client language.
  • Core selling skills to step into the client’s vision, present and negotiate solutions and deal with client challenges and concerns,
  • Understand your personal communication style and how to adapt to client signals.
  • Proactively create solutions and gain commitment to the next step.

Target Audience:
Sales consultants

Duration: 1 Day

Key Account Management
Maximize the lifetime value of the client

Explore strategies and skills to grow the profitability of your client base.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze your client base to calculate the key account attractiveness of each client.
  • Live the 80/20 principle to allow for greatest return on investment.
  • Develop a touch point strategy to enhance the profitability of key clients, incorporporating internal partners. 
  • Identify an action plan to attract new profitable clients.
  • Portable partnering skills to make your airtime count: trust based partnering, meeting management and communication skills to connect with your clients in a distinctive way.

Target Audience:
Key Account Managers

Duration: 1 Day

 Introducing IOWEU™

In line with the focus of global organisations on building differentiation through relationships of trust, internally and externally The Consultant Powerhouse, accredited partner of IOWEU International facilitates workshops with leading organisations enabling people and teams to improve the trust they have with their clients.

IOWEU International, founded by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert international best-selling authors of "Smarter Selling – How to grow sales by building trusted relationships", has been successfully implemented in over 26 countries in corporate and professional service organisations.

A practical approach to building better business relationships

IOWEU is a tried and trusted methodology that works. The framework gives you the practical skills, tools and processes to focus on building trust, partnerships and delivering value in every interaction.

At a time when organisational trust is at an all-time low, people want to create trust but they don't know how. What makes IOWEU distinctive is the smart, practical and replicable way in which it enables everyone to shift relationships to the status of trusted partner. Trust is key, and people want value. In a distracted economy, clients want relevance not rhetoric.

Through the IOWEU workshops participants build capability to match their technical proficiency with world class client-engagement and internal collaboration skills.

Who should attend

Attending an IOWEU workshop is highly beneficial for:
• Anyone with a direct need to sell
• Anyone responsible for a team or organisation that needs to sell
• Anyone wanting to improve their own ability to build deep business relationships
• Anyone wanting to improve relationships within a team or organisation
• Anyone managing key accounts and long term client relationships

The format

• The format is flexible with modules of varying lengths to fit different requirements
• Workshop content and structure are customised to your specific needs
• Post-workshop reviews and coaching to support implementation


"It's probably the "how" that makes the deepest impression. Any book can theorize on the "what", but here we see the authors going one step better to explain steps that bring it all together, using contemporary examples from around the world."
~Nic Read, best-selling author of Selling to the C-Suite

"We wanted to deepen relationships with our clients and differentiate the value that we feel Iron Mountain offers. The Smarter Selling approaches really improved our people's ability to engage with clients and spot opportunities to deliver additional value."
~Tom Keller, resident, Iron Mountain Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

"We found the key concepts put forward highly practical and very much in line with our own "Advisory Excellence" ethos and approach. In terms of being able to differentiate how our front-line bankers engage with clients, winning and building trust, and developing long-term strategic relationships, we think that these ideas will definitely help us to achieve the kind of client experiences that we strive to deliver."
~Jeffrey Chiam, Human Resources, Bank Julius Baer, Asia & Middle East

"The tools and the mindset change it drives will make a significant impact on the relationship and sales success of most organisations."
~Peter Savoff, General Manager, Hotels, Anthony John Group, Australia

"The tools will help any sales person who is wanting to make the shift from a traditional to a consultative approach and ultimately towards becoming a trusted advisor."
~Charles. H. Green, best-selling author of The Trusted Advisor

"Smarter Selling builds on traditional sales methodologies by integrating process with intelligent insight into human behaviour. Ideal for those selling services or in a complex environment."
~Paul Sparks, Principal, Sales Effectiveness Australia

"Success in the consultative sale is all about creating customer value from every meeting, but few salespeople know how to do this........ many useful and practical ideas to help salespeople improve their value-creating opportunities."
~Neil Rackham, best-selling author of SPIN

"After analysing the many different sales approaches in the market, we found the approaches outlined in Smarter Selling to be original, intuitive and practical. The success of a subsequent conference constructed around the IOWEU approaches confirmed our view that these approaches are highly valuable."
~Witold Jankowski, Ph.D., Chief Editor, Harvard Business Review, Poland

"We have been using the tools discussed for some time and they have had a significant impact on the confidence and ability of our people to sell."
~Stuart Cioccarelli, Tax partner, Deloitte

"The tools provided by IOWEU have provided a framework from which we developed the adidas' customer relationship strategy and assisted in the development of "best-in-class" sales professionals."
~Andrew Gaze, VP Sales, adidas Group, Asia- Pacific Region

Customer  Service

Service Excellence
Deliver service excellence to internal and external clients.

To explore key service skills and how they can be applied at the key touch points that matter most to the satisfaction of both internal and external clients.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Personal professionalism - positioning as a brand ambassador.
  • Staple yourself to your process and see it from the perspective of the client.
  • Identify critical touch points and creatively action plan to effective effectiveness.
  • Core service skills to build trust based relationships, including service recovery strategies.
  • Manage the perception of availability and immediacy - the number one client expectation.

Target Audience:
Specialists and support staff who need to ensure service excellence across key touch points.

Duration: 1 Day

Service Excellence – Leadership
Building a client-focused service culture

Tools and strategies for managers and supervisors to employ in their endeavour to build their employee’s willingness and ability to deliver high standards of service.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Define what service excellence means at an individual and team level.
  • Build consensus and ensure that everyone understands the service priority.
  • Set service goals and align individual strengths with outcomes.
  • Co-create strategies with your team to ensure value-add at key service touch points.
  • Service recovery - coach your team to become pros at transforming dissatisfied clients.

Target Audience:
Leaders, managers and supervisors.

Duration: 1 Day

Relationship  Management

Relationship Management
Building powerful partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders.

Managing strategic relationships in order to build sustainable partnerships that achieve business objectives.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Use relationships as the platform to achieve personal and business outcomes.
  • Identifying key internal and external relationships that need to be managed.
  • Building blocks of connecting relationships.
  • When things go wrong – the Courageous Conversation.
  • Great working partnerships make the difference – what needs to happen.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to build powerful partnerships with key stakeholders.

Duration: 2 Days

Assertive Communication and Conflict Resolution
Transform resistance into negotiated outcomes.

To explore and apply tools to communicate assertively such that contributions are heard, respect is earned and resistance is transformed into negotiated outcomes.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop powerful assertive communication skills.
  • Enhance personal impact and build business confidence in dealing with challenging individuals and situations.
  • Increase self-awareness and self-assuredness in order to manage any situation professionally.
  • Learn to say no in an acceptable manner.
  • Transform hostility and negative emotions into negotiated outcomes.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to communicate confidently and assertively in difficult contexts.

Duration: 1 Day

Negotiation Skills
Achieving positive outcomes in a collaborative manner.

To build skills in order to communicate and collaborate positively and persuasively.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Create the safe space for active participation.
  • Clarify your ideal outcome, areas of compromise, and the non-negotiables.
  • Build negotiation competence and confidence – harnessing your personal power.
  • Exploring alternatives for positive outcomes.
  • Achieve key objectives and magnify professional impact.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to negotiate with impact, both internally and externally, in order to achieve key objectives in collaboration with others.

Duration: 1 Day

Managing Meetings
Leading and participating in meetings toward productive outcomes.

Maximizing the meeting scenario to positively facilitate meeting discussions in order to achieve optimum results within a specified timeframe.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • How to plan and prepare for meetings from agenda to action plan.
  • Manage the dynamics of the meeting scenario.
  • Confidently handle any situation with skill and tact.
  • Building and maintaining enthusiasm.
  • Proactively ensure meeting success.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to productively lead or participate in meetings in order to ensure outcomes are met.

Duration: 1 Day

 Call Centre & Office Professionalism

Telephone Impact
The telephone as a powerful relationship management tool.

To build competence and confidence in telephone impact skills which are vital in representing the professionalism of the company in line with world class telephone standards.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Service as a symbol of standards and a promise of delivery.
  • Showcase professionalism in telephone impact skills and standards of call excellence.
  • Building the client relationship in the absence of face-to-face interaction.
  • Flash vs. Trash language – project a “can-do” approach in your communication.
  • Handle conflict situations with confidence and expertise with the aim on a win-win outcome.

Target Audience:
Individuals and call centre teams required to use the telephone as a powerful relationship management and sales related tool.

Duration: 1 Day

Personal  Power

Professional Business Image
Your personal professionalism and business image today determines your opportunities tomorrow.

Recognizing the power of managing perceptions for enhanced professional impact.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Managing that first impression.
  • Dress for your agenda.
  • Perception is reality – manage it to your advantage.
  • What works at work – managing your reputation.
  • The “can-do” approach – proactively manage your career.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to position themselves with credibility.

Duration: 1 Day

Personal Mastery
Leveraging self-insight and personal strengths for enhanced professional impact.

Building the awareness of personal capabilities and the knowledge of how to leverage these strengths to achieve greater personal and team effectiveness.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • A look in the mirror – challenging assumptions that limit possibilities.
  • Create the vision of what a positive outcome would look like by leveraging your strengths.
  • Develop an impact toolkit for enhanced personal effectiveness and career success.
  • Opportunity for self-insight.
  • Sustain personal growth to harness professional impact.

Target Audience:
Individuals who want to develop areas of personal mastery and professional growth.

Duration: 1 Day

Impactful Presentation Skills
Design and deliver high impact communications.

The portable skills and confidence to present in small and large groups and managing challenging audience responses.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Design communications that transform information into insight.
  • Develop your unique presentation style.
  • Empowered to showcase excellence and confidence in delivery.
  • Adopt a flexible approach to position your communication in a way that resonates with your audience needs.
  • Maintaining professionalism and confidence when faced with questions, curve balls, and surprises.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to present confidently in one-on-one, small group or large group contexts.

Duration: 2 Days

Business Writing
Get your message across with clarity and impact

Enhancing business writing to reflect professionalism and achieve communication outcomes.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Your written communication as a symbol of your standards.
  • Deconstructing the elements of professional (and unprofessional) written communication.
  • Match the message with the medium – understanding the art of modern business writing.
  • Applying the business writing toolkit to communicate with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Write to be read – ensure your writing gets the attention it deserves.

Target Audience:
Individuals who wish to improve their business writing effectiveness.

Duration: 1 Day

Time Management
Take charge of your time, your career, and your life.

Harnessing time in order to achieve personal and business outcomes.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Paradigms and practices that limit time management effectiveness.
  • Finding your purpose, creating the balance.
  • Shift your priorities.
  • Practical time management best practices.Manage your energy, not your time.

Target Audience:
Individuals who need to manage their time more effectively in order to achieve personal and work related goals.

Duration: 1 Day

Stress Management
Building resilience and perspective to handle pressure.

Transforming stress into positive action in order to achieve personal and professional goals.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding stress – it’s perspective that counts.
  • Recognize your warning signals.
  • Developing coping mechanisms to manage your personal stress responses.
  • Resilience – choose action over dysfunction.
  • Lifestyle matters – the courage to change.

Target Audience: Individuals who require the skills to transform stress into positive action.

Duration: 1 Day

Becoming a Proactive Team player
Personal skills to contribute to team success.

To explore mindsets and skills to ensure that employees become co-operative team players – putting the team before their own personal agendas.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhancing personal skills to ensure flexibility to ideas and strategies that might benefit the team.
  • Developing competence in the critical skills that are needed to be a proactive member of the team.
  • Developing a clear understanding of team goals.
  • Evaluating each individual’s contribution to team success.
  • Leveraging individual characteristics and skills for greater team efficiency.

Target Audience: Individuals who need to fit successfully within a team.

Duration: 1 Day

Organisational  Culture

Cultural Fluency
Building an inclusive and supportive culture.

Recognizing the strength of diversity and honouring individual differences.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • The business case for diversity.
  • Foster a more sensitive and co-operative working environment in multicultural contexts.
  • Honouring individual differences, building common ground.
  • Bridging the gap – harnessing communication skills to create connections.
  • Adopt a proactive approach – play your part in building an environment of respect and understanding.

Target Audience:
Teams who need to create shared understanding toward common goals.

Duration: 1 Day

Creating cohesive teams that achieve important department goals.

To provide the opportunity for teams to explore more effective strategies to achieve goals and work together more positively and productively.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Deconstructing effective teams – what does the cohesive and dynamic team look like.
  • Appreciate what is working well within the team.
  • Leveraging individual strengths within the team towards team outcomes.
  • Interpersonal and relationship building skills to work together positively and productively.
  • Exploring and designing an action plan to transform team goals into a team reality.

Target Audience:
Teams who need to be able to work together positively and productively.

Duration: 1 Day

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