The Consultant Powerhouse team will be working remotely during the COVID-19 regulations.
All of The Consultant Powerhouse programmes are offered via real-time or live facilitated virtual classes.

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Strategic Partnerships.
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“Next Generation” Smarter Selling Programme to leading clients in South Africa.
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Strategic Partnerships

"Next Generation" sales, key account management and business partnering skills

We, at the Consultant Powerhouse, are proud of the reputation established in building competence through action learning interventions in the field of Client Engagement and Relationship Management. As part of our commitment to remaining current with global trends, we have been accredited with The Business of Trust ( - IOWEU International, a cutting edge organization with a presence in multiple industries and countries.  This accreditation will enable us to bring to you, the latest thinking in “Next Generation” sales, key account management and business partnering skills aligned to the shift towards more sophisticated client expectations.

How does this re-frame the development of competency?

The “new normal” demands that consultants have the capability to build trust and value driven relationships.  This requires a greater depth in analysing strategic relationships and client engagement processes to move relationships to true partnerships status,  maximizing:

  • individual relationships strength
  • organisational relationship security
  • overall relationship capital
The Approach

The process is based on real time application.  Fresh perspectives are explored on:

  • real differentiation and a very practical guide to building lasting, high value relationships
  • challenging prescriptive approaches and moving relationships to a new level
  • identifying what clients really value and co-innovating in a way that translates this into insight and action that leads to business results
  • ways to manage meetings and interact with clients in a way that leads into action and creates business results

The Consultant Powerhouse formed a strategic partnership with The AchieveBlue Corporation, a leading global organisation, aligning leaders and employees with the required culture to drive business strategies. AchieveBlue and The Consultant Powerhouse have created integrated solutions to grow high performance cultures and teams.

Based in Toronto, Canada and with clients around the world, ACHIEVEBLUE™ Corporation ( enables breakthrough performance for their clients by aligning organisational culture with strategy.  ACHIEVEBLUE™ measures the extent to which the organisation leaders want to have is the organisation they actually have.

ACHIEVEBLUE™ uses a comprehensive set of Business Assessment Instruments and Breakthrough Performance Services that provide organisations with measurable, actionable data keyed to breakthrough awareness, cultural alignment and business results. 

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